• security anti theft alarm system car with remote start stop engine keyless entry remote central lock or unlock car door
  • security anti theft alarm system car with remote start stop engine keyless entry remote central lock or unlock car door
  • security anti theft alarm system car with remote start stop engine keyless entry remote central lock or unlock car door
  • security anti theft alarm system car with remote start stop engine keyless entry remote central lock or unlock car door

security anti theft alarm system car with remote start stop engine keyless entry remote central lock or unlock car door

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1 way car alarm with remote start
shock alarm and side door alarm,remote start stop engine,supporting diesel or petrol car


Thank you for purchasing this universal one way remote start car alarm system

 1)Please read this manual carefully before using this car alarm do that you'll take

the full advantage of every marvelous featues provided by thes systwm.

 2)Seller is responsible for the service and warranrty.

 3)The system raquires on specific maintenance. 

 4).This device may not cause harmful interference,

 5)Due to the complexity of this system,it must be installed by professional staller

Multiple Functional One Way remote start Car Alarm System

security anti theft alarm system car with remote start stop engine keyless entry remote central lock or unlock car door

Model No:CD-1400D

Main Features:

1.Remote Arm or Disarm

2.Warning identification,Remote Anti-hijacking

3.Centraldoor lock automatication

4.Door unclosed well warning function

5.Car finding,help calling,Re-arm

6.LED indicator

7.Remote trunk release

8.Engine cut off

9.power off memory

10.+/- side door trigger wire

11.electric central lock or pheumatic central lock jumper setting

12.diesel car or petrol car by jumper setting

13.Outside emergency disarm button

14.remote start stop engine

15.shock sensor alarm

16.side door alarm trigger

17.illegal start alarm

18.Window close signal output(-)

19.doom light delay

20.service mode

21.learning code

22.supporting manual or auto transmission car

23. supporting meachanical steel wheel lock and electronic central lock 

Technology Parameters:

Main Unit:

1)Output Current:signal light:5A,siren:10A,central lock:10A;

2)Code Mode:Learning code;


4)Static Current:<15mA;

5)Shock Sensor Current:<1mA;



2)Static Current:0mA;

3)Working Frequency:433.92Mhz;

4)Code Times:>1 million;

Product Standard Compositions:

1pc Main unit,2pcs alarm remotes,1pc Main Cable,1pc killer start relay,1pc shock sensor,1pc 6P start cables,1pc Alarm LED indicator,1pc alarm siren,1pc english manual,1pc color box.

Special Instruction:

1.We won't send remote battery CR2016,2pcs reach remote,it is easy to buy them in this world!

2.Trunk output is negative signal,if your original car is positive signal,please add one relay to switch polarity!

3.We won't send you window closer module,this is optional part and extra value!

4.We have finished remote program to main unit in factory,so you don't need to program them again!

5.We decide car blade key type if you have not any special requirements when send us order!

6.Ultrasonic sensor is not standard position,if you need it,it is extra value!

7.Remotes with three functional buttons have not mute arm or disarm function!

Car Alarm Warm Tips:


     This product represents many years of research and development.it

is very sophisticad and should be installed by experienced security

installers only.please do nit attempt installation of this product without

reading this guide,the system has designed to provde the ultimate in

security,coupled with limitless convenience and expansion options.

Do not disconnect the battery if the vehicle has an anti-theft coded

radio.if equipped with an air bag,avoid disconnecting the battery if


Important!Many airbag systems will display a diagnostic code

through their warinig light after they lose power.

Disconnecting the battery requires this code to be erased,a proce

dure that can requie a trip to the dealer.



Some things to remember about mounting the siren:

1.Keep it away from heat sources such as radiators,exhaust manifolds,

turbochargers and heat shields.

2.mount it where a thief cannot easiscily disconnect it,whether thr hood is

open or shut,both the siren and its wires should be difficult to find.This

usually involves disguising the wire to look loke a factory harness.

3.when possoble, place the siren on the same side of the vehicle as the

control module,where its wiers will erach the control module's wires with-

out extending them,always run the wires though the centre of a grommet,

never through bare metal.

4.point the siren down so water does not collectin it.


Some things to remember about where to mount the control module:

1.never put the control moule in the engine compartment!

2.the first step in hot wiring a vehicle is removing the driver's side

under-dash panel to access the starter and ignition wires,if the

control module is placed just behind the driver's side dash it can be 

easily be disconnected.

3.when mounting the control module,tye to find a secure location 

that will not require you to extend the harness wires,keep it away

 from the heater core(or any other heat sources)and any obvious


4.the higher the coutrol module is in the vehicle,the better the

 transmitter range will be,if you put the control module under a

 seat or inside a metal dashboard,range will suffer.

5.some good control module locations:above the glove box,

inside the centre console,obove the under dash fuse box,above

 the radio etc.


Things to remenber when positioning the status LED:

1.it should be visible from both sides and the rear of the vehicle,

if possible.

2.it needs at least 1/2 clearance to the rear.

3.it is easiest to use a small removable panel,such as a switch 

blank or a dash bezel,remove it before drilling your 1/2 hole.


Some things to remenber about where to mount the shock sensor:

1.Never put the shock sensor in the engine compartment!

2.Find a spot close to the control module so that the wires to not

 need to be extended,keep it away from the heater core(or any

 other heat sources)and any obvious leaks.

How the shock sensor is mounted is the most important factor in 

its performance,we recommend 2 methods:

1.Using double-sided tape or hook-and-joop fastener to mount

 to a trim panel or an air duct,or

2.Wire-tying to a wire harness.


If immobiliser relay or its connections are immediately visible upon

removal of the under-dash panel, they easily can be bypassed,always

make the relay and its connections diffcult to discern from the factory

wiring!Exposed yellow butt connectors do not lool loke factory parts,

and willnot fool anyone!For this reason,routing the immobiliser relay

wires away from the steering column is recommended.

Finding the wires you need

  Now thet you have decided where each component will be located,

you're going to find the wires in the car that the security system will

be connected to:

IMPORTANT:do not use a 12v test light to find these wires!Use a

digital multimeter for all testing.


   There are two acceptable ways of making a wire connection-solder

connections and crimp connectors, when properly performed,either

type of connection is reliable and trouble-free,regadless of whether

you solder your connections or you mechanical-type crimp on con-

ections are mechanically sound and that they are insulated.

Cheap electrical tape, especially off in hot weather, use good quality

electrical tape or heat shrink:

1.never twist-and-tape the wires together wothout soldering

2.never use"fuse taps",as the can damage fuse box terminals.


The best places to find the door switch wire are:

1.at the pin switch:when testing the pin switch,check wire to ensure

that it"see"all the doors ,often,the passenger switch will cover

all the doors even if the driver's switch will not.

2.at the dome light:this may nit be your best choice if the vehicle had

delayed dome light supervision, but it will work in many hondas,or any

vehicle with completely diode-isolated pin switchs.

Once you have determined the wire color,the easiest place to

connect to the wire is often at the kick panel,at the windshield

pillar,or in the running board,when an easy location is not avai-

lable, running a wire to the dome light itself is often best solution.

How to find adoor pin switch trigger wire with multimeter:

1.set to DCV or DC voltage(12vor 20v is fine)

2.in most fords, fasren the(-)probr of the meter to chassis ground

,in most other cars,fasten the(+)probe of your meter to(+)12v


3.probe the wire you suspect of being the door trigger wire,if the

meter reads(+)12v when any door is opened,you have found a

trigger wire.


We recommend two possible sources for 12v constant:the(+)terminal of

the battery, or the constant supply to the ignition switch,will be powering

fuse within 12 inches of this connection,if the fuse also willbe powering

other circuits, such as door locks, a power window module, headlinght

control system etc,fuse sccordingly.


The ignition wire is powerd when the key is the run or start position

,this is because the ignition wire powrts the ignition system(spark

plugs,coil)as well as the fuel delivery system(fuel pump,fuel injection

computer),accessory wires lose power when the key is in the start

position to make current available to the srarter motor.

How to find(+)12v ignition with your multimter:

1.set to DCV or DC voltage (12v or 20V is fine)

2.sttsch the (-)porobe of the meter to chassis ground.

3.probe the wire you suspect of being the ignition wire,the steering

column harness or ignition switch harness is an excellent place to

find this wire.

4.turn the ignition key switch to the run position,if your meter reads

(+)12v,go to the next step.if it doesn't,probe another wire.

5.now turn the key to the start position,the meter display should stay

steady,not dropping more than a few tenths of a volt,if it dropse

to or all the way to zero,go back to step 3. if it stays steady at(+)12v,

you have found an ignition wire.

Wire Diagram:

Cardot GSM Car Alarm

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