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BT Invisible Alarm System car immobilizer engine mobile app control alibaba manufacturer cardot

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You have these troubles?

1.Car alarm system cost is expensive?

2.Car alarm sound is too noise?

3.Car alarm wire connection is more complicated?

4.Car alarm Installation cost and time is more?

5.Be easy to lost alarm remotes?

Now cardot newly is launching a 2022 BT digital invisible immobilizer alarm system

it is upgraded version of 2.4G immobilizer system

Working Mode:

bluetooth is connected,start engine,relay doesn't work,oil supply won't be cut!

bluetooth is disconnected,start engine,relay will work,oil supply will be cut!

warm tips:

1.don't support samsung mobile phone!

2.No mobile app lock unlock start stop engine without installing cardot smart car alarm!

3.Main market is in mexico,peru,chile,brazil,africa!

why do you choose cardot this BT digial invisible immobilizer system?

1.Mobile app becomes your alarm key!

2.Wholesale price is less than 19$/pc;

3.Only connect 3 wires(12V power,black ground and oil path wire or start wire!);

4.It fits all cars;

5.It will add mobile app lock,app unlock,app start stop engine if buy cardot smart car alarm!

6.We have spanish/english installation manual ,english installation and function demo video!

More Functions advantages:

1.Emergency reset switch for special use:

forget to take the mobile phone or no bluetooth;

2.Size is so small,easy to hide it;

3.Engine is running,no bluetooth suddenly,car won't engine off!

4.After engine off,still car start engine within 1 minute!

English And Spanish Instruction: