More cardot product installation video link sharing:

More cardot product installation video link sharing:

Some normal used product installation video for your reference:

Smart car alarm installation video:

Smart key remote start car alarm installation manual for reference:

Bypass module installation video:

Smart key learning video:

Passwords key pad set or change:

How to change car lcd key logo and background?

Lcd key car alarm has not remote start solution:

4G global popular Version smart car alarm:

  1. How to set apn?How to set sos alarm number?(buy cardot 4g gsm gps car alarm,you must check this video):

  1. You want to get more alarm protection such as shock sensor alarm,motion alarm,illegal start alarm,illegal opening car door alarm,sos alarm,power off alarm,cut oil reset oil?

Don’t miss this good videos,you will love this product!

  1. you want to remote upgrade gps function?Reset gps? Restart gps?Please watch this video,it is helpful for knowing our product well.

688SP installation video for reference:

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