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cardot GPS tracker Security Anti-theft Device Natural enemy of Signal Jammer origin china manufacturer

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$29.00 USD
Giá thông thường
$35.00 USD
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$29.00 USD


GPS Security Antitheft Device:

Note:We have spanish manual and working video!

GPS's intimate lover(So HOT);

 Natural enemy of Signal Jammer,

 Gospel of GPS owners!

The nightmare of car thieves!


  1. gps good partner,protecting car with gps tracker !
  2. The installation is super simple(3 wires);
  3. 12 levels adjustable detection sensitivity;
  4. Accurate signal detection, cut off the oil circuit within 120 seconds;
  5. Gradually cut off the oil circuit for 5 times in a row, which is safe and reliable;
  6. Support all 12V/24V vehicles;when order pls let me know you need 12v or 24v anti jammer;
  7. Support KOL and drop shipping;
  8. Support one piece delivery.

Manufacturer,0 Risk,2 years warranties,CE/Rohs/SGS

Warm tips:

this product is specially for peru,mexican,chile market!

Why to choose this product?

  1. Support all the 12V vehicles and 24V trucks;
  2. GPS anti-jammer customized for customers in Chile, Peru and Mexico;
  3. 12-level detection signal, the owner can adjust the sensitivity to adapt to different working environment;
  4. Gradually cut off the gas line for 5 times, safe and controllable;
  5. Only 3 wires, easy to assemble, save time, effort and a lot of installation costs, easy to promote and spread;
  6. Under special circumstances, the owner can control the GPS anti-jammer by key switch. The owner is the master of the product;
  7. With light weight and small size, the transportation cost is very low, saving a lot of marketing costs for wholesalers and agents;
  8. Design Spanish figure, poster, detail page and manual for free;
  9. If the order quantity is more than 500 sets, here’s a surprise gift and testing equipment for you, we can upgrade the product or improve the functions according to your needs;
  10. 24-month warranty, if there are quality problems, no need to return the damaged products, we will send you the new ones.

Ten reasons to choose CARDOT:

  1. 24-month warranty, please provide videos, we will send new products to you for free;
    2. Ten years of R&D experience in vehicle one-button start, dual trademark protection in China and the United States;
  2. Strong product customization capability, support ODM, OEM and OBM;
    4. Provide new products to old customers for free, provide some hot products in the market to both new and old customers for free;  
    5. With factory, the production capacity is stable
    6. Provide product figure, detail page, poster, promotional page, manual, video and other marketing materials for free;
    7. Flexible and innovative business cooperation mode, share development benefits with customers;  
    8. Complete product categories, very competitive;
    9. Develop or Upgrade 3-5pcs new products each year,let your customers go with you all the time.
    10. Provide strong support to international and domestic e-commerce sellers.